PRIZE WINNERS                                                                            PRIZE WINNING ARTISTS


Gold Olive

Vladimir Stankovski (Serbia)

Born in 1965, in Vrsac town of Serbia. Grew up in Plandiste near Pannonian Sea.

 His work appears in newspapers, magazines and websites in the USA, Serbia, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Belgium, Germany, Slovenia, Japan, Brazil and various other countries.

 As a graphics designer and a cartoonist, he works for the weekly “Vreme” (Time) Magazine. His work was published in several newspapers and magazines of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

 His cartoons, the funnies and illustrations have been presented in national and international cartoon events since 1990.

 Some of the significant prizes he received were: Frist Prize – 1st International China Olympic Cartoon Competition (China – 2007), First Prize – International Biennial of Caricature, The Golden Smile (Serbia – 2008), Olive Cartoon – 1st International Olive Cartoon Contest (Cyprus – 2008), Second Prize- 29th International Aydın Doğan Cartoon Contest (Turkey – 2012), Third Prize – Universal Tolerance Cartoon Contest (Norway – 2013).

Silver Olive

Raul Alfonso Grisales (Colombiya)

Born in 1979, in Bagota, the capital city of Colombia. Raul Alfonso has been producing art in cartoon, portrait cartoon and illustration.

 His work was published in such newspapers and magazines; “La Pulga” (USA), “Adda” (Spain), “Direccion Industrial” (Spain), “La Zona Rosa” (Colombia), “Todo Bien” (Argentina), “La Tempestad” (Mexico), “VW Revolutions” (Colombia), “Gazete Siglo XXI” (USA), “Dinamita” (USA), “Tiempo” (Colombia).

 His cartoons were exhibited in national and international cartoon events and he received numerous awards.

Bronz Olive

Muammer Kotbaş (Turkey)

Born in 1959, his first cartoon was published in 1981. He held many solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group cartoon exhibitions.

  His cartoons appeared in national and international cartoon exhibitions and albums. Occasionally, he worked with certain newspapers and magazines drawing cartoons.

 He won numerous prizes in national and international cartoon contests. Of which one is a collaborative, he has three cartoon albums.

Cartoon Publishing Special Prize

Sanaz Yahyavi (Iran)

Sanaz Yahyavi was born in 1988, in Ardabil city of Iran. She graduated from University of Tabriz, Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Graphic Arts.

 She is one of the gifted students of the Ardabil Cartoon School administered by one of the most prominent cartoonists of Iran, Shahram Rezai.

 Her cartoons were presented in international cartoon contests organised in Iran, Romania, Macedonia, Croatia and Cyprus, and were published in the albums.

Federation Cartoonists Organizations (FECO – CYPRUS) Special Prize

Leyla Çınar Algül (Cyprus)

Born in 1974, Trabzon (Turkey). Leyla Çınar immigrated to Cyprus with her family in 1974. In 2001 she graduated from Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Architecture, Department of Interior Architecture.

She began drawing cartoons in 2003. In 2004, 2008, and 2014 she attended international cartoon contests organised in Cyprus. Her cartoons appeared within the exhibitions of these contests and in the albums.

In 2014, her cartoons were presented within the group cartoon exhibition “50 – Year Issue – Cartoons of Cyprus” organised by the Association of Turkish Cypriot Cartoonists and held London (UK). In 2015, her cartoons were published in the newspaper “Haberal Kıbrıslı”.

She works as a part – time academic at Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Architecture, Department of Interior Architecture

Federation Cartoonists Organizations (FECO – GREECE) Special Prize

Andrea Pecchia (Italy)

A world of pastel colors, synthetic shapes and silhouettes synthesized, of a still graphic closely pegged to the drawing. It's the world of Andrea Pecchia, cartoonist, graphic designer and professional illustrator.

 The passion for the graphic that goes beyond itself, has its roots in the cult of the great masters of the graphics of the past. The humor, the satire design are the distinguishing feature of this cute and dreamy “interpreter of the forms”, as if his signature... Signature that has left physically in numerous national and international prizes.

Fire Humour Magazine Special Prize

Andrei Popov (Russia)

Andrei Popov was born in Uzbekistan’s capital city Tashkent in 1970. He graduated from Military Engineering Space Institute.

His first cartoon took place in a local newspaper in 1997. His cartoons were published in the newspapers and magazines “Red Slops”, “News”, “Nevsky” and “Pablish”.

 He held solo exhibitions in Russia, Italy, France, Azerbaijan, Poland and Canada. He received numerous prizes at cartoon contests organized in Russia and various countries. His individual cartoon album has been published in 2011.

Cyprus - Turkish Cartoonists Special Prize

Hakan Boral (Cyprus)

Born in 1961, Nicosia, Hakan Boral graduated from Department of Computer Programming and Information. He works as a government officer at Ministry of Finance, Northern Cyprus.

Special Prize

Ali Miraee (Iran)

Ali Miraee was born in Tehran, in 1979. He draws cartoons for newspapers and magazines in Iran about economical, political and cultural subjects. He became renowned for the cartoons he drew for the newspapers “Ghanoon” and “Etemad” and the magazine “Tanz – o – Caricature”. He holds a postgraduate degree in Industrial Design.

 His work has appeared in international cartoon exhibitions organised in Europe, Asia and South America and was published in the albums prepared.

 Some of the important awards he received were: The Grand Prize – International Cartoon Contest HumoDaeva (Romania – 2005), Award of Excellence – 12th International “World Press Freedom” Cartoon Contest (Canada – 2012 and 2014), Bronze Prize – Sicaco International Cartoon Contest (South Korea – 2013), First Prize – 41st International Humour Exhibition of Piracicaba (Brazil – 2014).

Special Prize

Aurel Ştefan Alexandrescu (Romania)

Born in 1978, Romania. Aurel Ştefan is one of the most renowned cartoonists of his motherland. His works have been exhibited in many countries around the world and have been published in cartoon albums.

 Since 1975 more than 6.000 cartoons of his have been published in many countries.

 He received numerous prizes in national and international cartoon contests.

Special Prize

Bossens Philippe (Belgium)

Philippe Bossens initiated his career as an artist in 1981 with painting, graphic art and ceramics. He started participating in cartoon contests unprofessionally in 1986 and he held his first solo exhibition in 1987. In 1993 he aimed at the art of cartoon in a professional sense.

 He took place at national and international cartoon contests organised in Belgium and in various countries around the world, and received numerous prizes in these contests.

 Some of the important awards he received are: Fourth Prize – International Jonzac Cartoon Exhibition (France – 1996), Third Prize – International St Just Le Martel Cartoon Exhibition (France – 1997), First Prize – National Gits Cartoon Contest (Belgium – 2000).

Special Prize

Cengiz Beysoydan (North Cyprus)

Born in 1986, Nicosia. Cengiz Beysoydan studied Bachelor of Fine Arts at Dumlupınar University, Department of Graphical Design. He worked for several advertising agencies between 2004 – 2011.

 He completed Secondary Teacher Education (without thesis) at Atatürk Teacher Academy. He works as graphics and photography teacher at schools appurtenant to Northern Cyprus Ministry of National Education.

 He participates in national and international contests. His work took place in several group cartoon exhibitions organised in Cyprus.

Special Prize

Farzane Vaziritabar (Iran)

Born in Yazd city of Iran, in 1987, Farzane Vaziritabar graduated from University of Tehran, Department of Fine Arts. She is one of the internationally distinguished women cartoonists of Iran.

 Her cartoons are published in many newspapers and magazines in Iran. Her work took place in national and international cartoon contests and albums.

 Some of the important national and international prizes for cartoon contests she holds are: Third Prize – International “Smiling Cat” Web Cartoon Contest (Azerbaijan – 2014), Third Prize – International “Brides Veneration” Cartoon Contest (Macedonia – 2014), Award of Success – 31st International “Aydın Doğan” Cartoon Contest (Turkey – 2014), Third Prize – 6th International “Fajdr” Visual Arts Festival (Iran – 2014).

Special Prize

Halit Kurtulmuş Aytoslu (Turkey)

Born in Kırcaali city of Bulgaria in 1970, Halit Kurtulmuş studied at National Art School “Dimitar Dobrovich” in Sliven, in 1984 – 1989. In 1991 he emigrated from Bulgaria to Turkey and settled in Bursa.

 His interest in cartoon drawing initiated in 2009. His works were presented in two solo exhibitions as well as in many group cartoon exhibitions. He pursues painting besides cartoon drawing.

 His work was exhibited in national and international cartoon contests, and published in the cartoon albums prepared. He won several prizes in national and international cartoon contests. He is married and father one.

Special Prize

Kemal Özyurt (Turkey)

Kemal Özyurt was born in 1955, Yozgat. His first cartoons were published in 1974. He studied English Language and Literature, Art History and Social Anthropology at Istanbul University.

He worked as the Executive Board Member of Association of Turkish Cartoonists between 2000 – 2005 and was affiliated with International International Nasreddin Hoca Cartoon Contest Coordination in 2000 – 2010.

 He won several prizes in international cartoon contests in Bulgaria, China, South Korea, Croatia, Iran, Japan, Cyprus, Kosovo, Hungary, Macedonia, Egypt, Peru, Portugal, Syria, Taiwan, Turkey, Yugoslavia, and Greece; his work was exhibited and published in albums, magazines and newspapers.

 He is also the chief editor of the online cartoon news website “caricaturque – blog”.

Special Prize

Kürşat Zaman (Turkey)

He was born in Antalya in 1974. He completed his elementary and secondary school educations in Antalya and graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Interior Architecture in 1997. He was drawing pictures since his childhood but he had focused on cartoon art since 2003 and began participating in the contests.

 He won many prizes in various degrees in national and international cartoon contests. Besides cartoons, he is dealing also with painting. He opened two solo exhibitions at Istanbul Tekel (State Monopolies) Art Gallery (2002)  and State Gallery of Fine Arts in Antalya (2004). Currently, he is working as designer at a decoration firm in Antalya.

Special Prize

Luc Vernimmen (Belgium)

He was born in 1959 Mortsel (Antwerpen – Belgium). Luc Vernimmen was drawing cartoon already when he was a child. So, later on he decided to study Graphic Arts at Sint – Lucas in Antwerp. He also followed sculpture courses at the Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp.

 He is working as a QA software tester and as a freelance illustrator for different publishers in Belgium and in the Netherlands. His drawings were awarded all over the world on the occasion of outstanding cartoon contests.

Special Prize

Makhmud Eshonkulov (Uzbekistan)

Born in 1958, in the village Telov in Beshariq district of Fergana province of Uzbekistan. Graduated from Tashkent State Pedagogic Institute – Faculty of Graphic Arts.

 He lives in Tashkent city. At present he is freelance cartoonist. He had personal exhibitions in town Krusevac of country Serbia in 2007, in town Osijek of country Croatia 2008 and in Tashkent 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013.

 He has participated in many national and international cartoon contest and won 150 prizes.

Special Prize

Menekşe Çam (Turkey)

Born in 1966, Izmir. Graduated from Department of Painting at Dokuz Eylül University, Buca Faculty of Education.

 Her work was exhibited in national and international cartoon contests, took place in albums, and awarded with prizes. She held her first solo exhibition in Buca Cultural Centre (Izmir) in 2009.

 Her cartoons were published in numerous art and humour magazines in Turkey alongside “Eulenspiegel” and “Stern” magazines in Germany, “7 Days” and “New Internationalist” magazines in the UK, and “Al Nas” newspaper in Iraq. One of her cartoons made the cover of “Smartee Mag” art magazine in France, 2013.

Some of the important awards she received were: Second Prize – National “Books and Libraries” Cartoon Contest (Turkey – 2008), Pulya Award – 5thInternational Aysergi Pulya Cartoonists Meeting (Cyprus – 2012), Grand Prix – Philadelphia International Cartoon Contest (USA – 2013), Award of Success – 31st Aydın Doğan Cartoon Contest (Turkey – 2012).

Special Prize

Tsocho Peev (Bulgara)

Born in 1951, Bulgaria. Lives and works in the city of Plovdiv. He graduated “Paisii Hilendarsi” University, Plovdiv. Since 1976 he has been working on book illustration and cartoon art.

 He has been a member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists since 1990. Since 2001, he has been organizing the International "Cartoon Masters" Biennial in Plovdiv.

Special Prize

Valeri Alexandrov (Bulgaria)

Born in 1953, Bulgaria. Her first cartoon was published in 1973. Valery Alexandrov has been producing art in cartoon, portrait cartoon, and animation.

He held numerous solo exhibitions and won several prizes in national and international cartoon contests. He also served as a jury member in international cartoon contests.

He is a member of Artists Union as well as Federation of Cartoonists Organisations’ (FECO) Secretary – General of Bulgaria.

International Journal of Comic Art Special Prize

Mehmet Kahraman (Turkey)

He was born in Bulgaria in 1961 and migrated to Turkey in 1978. His cartoons were published in humor magazines and humor pages of some newspapers. He illustrated books for children and satirical stories.

 He opened his solo cartoon exhibition “Kırkbeslik” in 2006 and published his first cartoon album “Mefonten” in the same year. He won 100 prizes of various degrees in national and international cartoon contests.

New Scorpion Cartoon and Humour Magazine Special Prize

Shahram Rezai (Iran)

Born in the village of Mardan – Ardabil – Iran in 1978. University degree in painting, design and illustration. Painter, designer, and cartoonist. He won 162 awards in national and international contest.

Olive Festival Special Prize

Serpil Kar (Turkey)

She was born in Zonguldak, Turkey. Graduated from Uludağ University, Faculty of Education, Department of Art Teaching from the shop classes of Avni Yamaner, Eyüp Ömer Yüksel, Ergun Özman.

 Her works are generalized on cartoons and oil painting on canvas. She opened numerous solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions of cartoon and painting. She pursues her works in her studio in Antalya and teaches painting and cartoon.

 Member of Turkish Cartoonists Association and Anatolian Cartoonists Association. She works as art teacher in Adana.