PRIZE WINNERS                                                                            PRIZE WINNING ARTISTS


Gold Olive

Izabela Kowalska – Wieczorek (Poland)

Born on 29 October 1955 in Torun, Poland. Education: Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts, degree 1980. Pursuits: Book illustrations for children, cartoons, graphics, painting and drawing.

Individual & group exhibitions of graphics,painting and illustration in Poland and abroad. Prizes and awards at poster contests, illustration contests and cartoon contests.

Silver Olive

Elrayah Abu Baker Ombaddi (Sudan)

Bachelor in painting from Sudan University of Science and Technology, College of Fine and Applied Art 1999. Participated in many local exhibitions inside Sudan. Awarded some prizes in the fields of music and painting and cartoon in the Sudan.

Published part of his cartoons in local Sudanese newspapers and magazines. Now working as  cartoonist and comic strip artist for “Aljareeda” Sudanese daily newspaper.

Bronz Olive

Ivailo Tsvetkov (Bulgaria)

He was born on 27th March 1964 in Sofia. He was graduated from the Art School in Sofia in 1983. He worked as an painter – cartoonist in newspapers “Monitor” and “Telegraph” and in magazine “Tema”.

 Ivailo Tsvetkov took part in a number of national and international cartoon contests and his artworks were awarded numerous prestigious prizes: 1st Prize Anglet – France 1993; Prize of Ministry of Culture, Gabrovo – Bulgaria 1999; 1st Prize, Pisek – Czech Republic 2006.

Ivailo Tsvetkov is the President of FECO – BULGARIA. He is living and working in Sofia.

Cypriot – Turkish Cartoonists' Association Special Prize

Mileta Miloradovic (Serbia)

Born in 1948 in Kragujevac, Yugoslavia.  Currently works as a cartoonist for the Serbia satirical magazine “Osisani Jez”.

His work also appears in a variety of other newspapers and magazines. He has had seven individual exhibitions and has won 90 important prizes and several recognitions in domestic and international contests.

International New Scorpion Humour and Cartoon Magazine Special Prize

Andrea Pecchia (Italy)

A world of pastel colors, synthetic shapes and silhouettes synthesized, of a still graphic closely pegged to the drawing. It's the world of Andrea Pecchia, cartoonist, graphic designer and professional illustrator.

The passion for the graphic that goes beyond itself, has its roots in the cult of the great masters of the graphics of the past. The humor, the satire design are the distinguishing feature of this cute and dreamy “interpreter of the forms”, as if his signature... Signature that has left physically in numerous national and international prizes.

Kyrenia Municipality Assembly Special Prize

Makhmud Eshonkulov (Uzbekistan)

Born in 1958, in the village Telov in Beshariq district of Fergana province of Uzbekistan. Graduated from Tashkent State Pedagogic Institute – Faculty of Graphic Arts.

He lives in Tashkent city. At present he is freelance cartoonist. He had personal exhibitions in town Krusevac of country Serbia in 2007, in town Osijek of country Croatia 2008 and in Tashkent 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013.

He has participated in many national and international cartoon contest and won 150 prizes.

Kyrenia Municipality Directorate of Special Prize

Ilya Katz (Israel)

He was born in 1972 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyz College of Art – Department of Design graduate. In 1992, he moved to Israel. Designer and works as a cartoonist. He won 53 awards in the international cartoon contest.

Personal Cartoon Exhibitions: “2Katz” Exhibition in European Cartoon Center 2012 (Kruishoutem – Belgium); “2Katz” Exhibition in Theatre Forward 2013 (Boechout – Belgium).

Leymosun Foundation Special Prize

Aidarbek Gazizov (Kazakhstan)

Aidarbek Gazizov was born in 1958 in Kazakhstan. He was graduated from the Almaty College of Fine Arts – Animation Department. Works as a designer and artist at “Egemen Kazakhstan” newspaper.

Published cartoons since 2005, participated in many national and international cartoon contest and won more than 20 prizes.

Mayor of Kyrenia Nida Güngördü Special Prize

Konstantin Kazanchev (Ukrain)

58 years old, high education. Date of Birth: 19.02.1956. I am engaged in cartoons since 1983.

Up to 1989 has worked as an artist in mass media. Since 1989 work in a field of printing industry and industrial design. He is a member of the Association of Ukrainian Designers and Association of Ukrainian Journalists.

He won 53 prize from international cartoon contest.  President of the International Contest of Cartoons “Independence”. The President of Association Ukraine Cartoonists.

Olive Village Headman Special Prize

Louis Pol (Australia)

Louis Pol was born in Croatia, since 1980 he is living in Australia and resides on Sydney's northern coast.

He was awarded numerous: Frist, second, third & special prizes on the international cartoon contest in: Italy, France, Croatia, Bulgaria, Russia, Cyprus, Poland, Turkey, Japan, Australia, South Korea etc.

He was working for Hanna – Barbera Film Production and was teaching cartooning at the Australian College of Journalism. Currently he is sport editorial cartoonist for “Goal Weekly”.

Special Prize

Emrah Arıkan (Turkey)

He was born in Ankara in 1982 and graduated from Gazi University, Department of Public Administration. His first solo exhibition was in Ankara in 2010, this exhibition was opened also in 10 different cities of Turkey.

In January 2010, he opened his solo exhibition with the theme Environment organized by the French Development Agency in İstanbul. He was awarded numerous prizes in national and international cartoon contests.

Special Prize

Luc Vernimmen (Belgium)

He was born in 1959 Mortsel (Antwerpen – Belgium). Luc Vernimmen was drawing cartoon already when he was a child. So, later on he decided to study Graphic Arts at Sint – Lucas in Antwerp. He also followed sculpture courses at the Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp.

He is working as a QA software tester and as a freelance illustrator for different publishers in Belgium and in the Netherlands. His drawings were awarded all over the world on the occasion of outstanding cartoon contests.

Special Prize

Nicolae Lengher (Romania)

He was born in 1944, worked as a journalist and retired 10 years ago, but cartoons are a hobby from which he will never retire.

He also likes movies (done a few himself) and his top culinary preference is olives of course.

Special Prize

Sajad Rafeei (Iran)

Iran, living in Ahwaz. Mechanical engineer. Drawing cartoons for 12 years. Yellow Deer (Yellow deer) is a member of the group. Works published in national and international journals. Attending national and international cartoon contests taking place in the works of the album.

He has won many awards. 2010 – First Prize of International BH Cartoon Contest (Brazil); 2012 – First Prize International “Soft War” Cartoon Contest (Iran); 2014 – Special Prize 31. International Aydın Doğan Cartoon Contest (Turkey).

Special Prize

Saman Ahmadi (Iran)

Born in 1982 in Teheran. Has a bachelor degree in graphic design. Gained first, second and third prizes in several cartoon festivals.

Gained special prizes in several festivals. Special Prize – International Retrofitting Cartoon Contest (Iran) 2010; Special Prize – International Urban Problems Cartoon Contest (Iran) 2010; Excellent Prize – International Football Cartoon Contest (China) 2014.

Special Prize

Ba Bilig (China)

He was born in 1965 in Sunid Left Banner Inner Mongolia Aotonomous Region of China.

1986-1988 studied and majored in Arts and Crafts Department of Inner Mongolia Teachers Training University. 1992 – 1995 studied in the Mongolian Language Department of Inner Mongolia Education College.  Member of the Inner Mongolia Association for Artists, he is teaching at Sunid Left Banner Profession School. He has won many prizes at international cartoon contest.