PRIZE WINNERS                                                                            PRIZE WINNING ARTISTS


Gold Olive

Anton Buzetti (Slovenia)

Anton Buzeti, born 29 December 1959 in Murska Sobota, Slovenia. He is an independent a carefree chronichler of social events of his time. His interrest in caricature began only fifteen years ago, when accidentaly asked to come up with some illustrations for a local highscool publication.

Soon afterwards he was a weekly act at local newspapers and magazines. Buzeti is also well known book illustrator for children... After a number of local exhibitions, he began to aplly internationally.

Silver Olive

Vladimir Stankovski (Serbia)

Stankovski, Sırbistan’da yayınlanan haftalık dergi “Vreme” (Zaman)’da grafik tasarımcı olarak çalışmakta olup, “The Vecernje Novosti Daily”, “Novosti Plus”, “Blic Daily” ve diğerlerinde de spontane görev yapmaktadır.

Vladimir Stankovski was born in 1965 Vrsac, Serbia and grew up in Plandiste near the Panonian Sea. And though he hasn't moved in years, he has changed countries several times: Yugoslavia, Serbia, Serbia and Montenegro, back to Serbia. The nation's leaders are presently holding a summit on decisiveness... Full time, professional cartooning.

Bronz Olive

Atilla Özer (Turkey)

He was born in Burdur in 1949. He is interested with the cartoon art as a cartoonist and investigator. He performed his first personal exhibition in 1978 in the village (Hortu-Eskişehir) in which Nasreddin Hoca was born. He attended a lot of national and international mixed exhibition.

He has three albums – which were: “Salute to Caricature’’ in 1982; “Cartoons” in 1985 and “Cartoon Humour” in 1995-; research books named: “Cartoon Art and Advertising” (1988), “The Cartoon Language of Communication; Caricature” (1994), “The Turkish Caricatures Awarded Abroad” (1995), “Theoretical and Practical Caricature” (1998), “Caricature Museums” (1999); an instruction book named: “Graphic Production Techniques” in 1995, and two article books named “Awards” (2003) and “Caricature Articles” (2007).

International Journal of Comic Art Special Prize

Valentin Georgiev (Bulgaria)

Valentin Georgiev was born in 1970 in Bulgaria. He finished the “Prof. Nikola Marinov College of Arts”. In 1995 he graduated from the “Department of Painting at Sts. Cyril and Methodius University in Veliko Tarnovo” (Bulgaria).

 I received a number of awards from international cartoon contests held in Brazil, Turkey, Serbia, Italy, Poland, France, Israel ect. I also contributed to several national and international cartoon exhibitions.

Special Prize

Allesandro Gatto (Italy)

Alessandro Gatto was born in 1957 in Castelfranco Veneto where he actually lives and develops his activity of designer and painter. He has a list of many jobs executed for Italian companies and public corporations and from other countries (United States, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Algeria, England, Greece, Germany).

 Since 1985 he has been involved in many illustrations and humoristic graphics. He also takes part in reviews and collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad. He was the winner of the First Prize in Knokke – Heist (Belgium), Hyderabad (India) and Tehran (Iran).

Special Prize

Pavel Constantin (Romania)

Was born in Botosani, Romania in 1951. He graduated from the Popular School of Plastic Arts. A cartoonist for the daily newspaper “Bursa” and a former president of FECO-Romania, he also made animated films and book illustrations.

 His international prizes include: First prizes in 1982 Vercelli – Italy (Sant Andrea D'oro) and in 1983, Montreal (Canada); The City Hall's Prize in 1985, Piracicaba (Brazil) a Special Prize in 1990, Marostica (Italy) and in 1997 the Mayor of Kyoto Prize in Kyoto (Japan).

Cartoon Foundation Special Prize

Muammer Kotbaş (Turkey)

He was born in 1959. His first cartoon was published in 1981. He performed 6 personal and 14 open-air cartoon exhibition. He attended a lot of mixed cartoon exhibition.

His performances took part in a lot of national and international exhibitions... He worked in some newspapers and journals from time to time. He achieved a total of 37 awards, in which 7 of them were from abroad. He has 3 cartoon album, one of them being collective.

Special Prize

Igor Vartchenko (Cyprus)

Born in 1959 in Tatarstan. Worked many years in the Oil and Gas Ministry as a petroleum engineer. Drawing is a true passion of my life... My first picture was published in 1986 in one of the most popular Russian newspapers. From that time thousands of my caricatures were published in many newspapers and magazines in Russia and abroad (France, USA, Germany, Italy, Belgium).

 I was a winner of 70 contests and exhibitions: Grand Prix in Velo – Cartoon (Lithuania) 1988; Bronze Hat and Prize of Public in Knokke – Heist (Belgium) 1990, 1997, 2000; “Archicatura” Bratislava (Slovakia) 1992.

Special Prize

Shirin Gholipoov (Iran)

B. A in paintings from Ferdosi University M. A in illustration from faculty of fine art-Tehran University. Member of society of Iranian paintsipers.

Awards: 2000-Frist Prize in Cartoon of Art Students Mashad. 2005-Frist Prize in Cartoon of Art Students Oromiye.

Special Prize

Yuri Manaev (Russia)

Yuri Manaev has won about many prizes international cartoon contest:   Grand Prize of the International “Umoristi a Marostica Cartoon Exhibition (Italy), Gold Prize of the International “Yomiuri Shimbun” Cartoon Contest (Japan), Gold Medal of the International “Satyrykon” Cartoon Contest (Poland), Second Prize of the International “Humorfest” Cartoon Contest (Italy), Honorary Award of the International “Tehran” Cartoon Biennial (Iran), Honorable Mention of the International “Simavi” Cartoon Contest (Turkey).

Special Prize

Paolo Dalponte (Italy)

Born in 1958 in Lomaso (Italy). Painter, graphic designer. He won prizes in Alba, Dolo, Marostica, Torino, Trento (Italy), Belgrad (Serbia), Cvorak (Croatia), İstanbul (Turkey), Famagusta (Cyprus), Skopje (Macedonia) and Tehran (İran. Member of "Studio d'Arte Andromeda" in Trento (Italy).

Special Prize

Heidi Trautmann (North Cyprus)

Heidi Trautmann was born in 1941 in Königsberg in eastern Prussia. At the age of nineteen, she spent some years with her father in Angola and Nigeria. Back in Germany in the 1980's, she continued studying art in the studio of artist Rolf Märkl for three years and took part in various joint exhibitions.

She then worked as technical author for about ten years. Then it was time to build a sailing boat with her husband. They went off together to live on the boat for six years, and they sailed the entire Mediterranean until they came to Cyprus in 1999. Here, they laid anchor for good in 2001. Heidi has written two travel books, one published in April 2005, the second in October 2007, both in German.