Peter Nieuwendijk is the founder of the Federation of Cartoonists’ Organisations (FECO). He has been FECO President – General and Secretary – General for many years. He is the founder and the Vice – President of “De Tulp” Dutch Cartoonists’ Association. Peter Nieuwendijk is the chief editor of FECONEWS magazine.

 His cartoons and paintings appear in private collections, museums and galleries. He has been organising the International “De Tulp” Cartoon Contest since 1980 to date. There are 29 international albums on cartoon contests, and 6 books on art published by Peter Nieuwendijk.

 He was granted with many prizes at national and international cartoon contests, and has served as juror in various countries on 50 occasions.



He was born in Limassol in 1958. He has studied in the university in Ankara between 1977 – 1983 and graduated from Ankara State Academy of Architecture and Engineering as constructional engineer.

He started working in the Kyrenia Municipality in 1985 as constructional engineer. Later on, he was the head of Public Works, Development and Water Works Department. In 1995, he was appointed to the Kyrenia Municipality Directorate.

In local elections held in 2014, he was elected Mayor in Kyrenia. Good command of English and Greek.



Adnan Taç was born in Trabzon, in 1960. His first cartoon was published within the cartoon section “Taka” of “Karadeniz” newspaper. He participated in almost 50 group shows and had one solo exhibition.

 He organised “Taka” cartoon section of “Karadeniz” newspaper between the years 1899 – 2002, and “Dalga” cartoon sections of “Taka” newspaper between the years 2002 – 2006, and of “İlk Haber” newspaper between the years 2006 – 2008.

Adnan Taç founded the national cartoon contest in Trabzon, and organised 15 nation wide cartoon contests with various institutions between the years 1993 – 2008.

 He pioneered the publication of humour magazine “Isırgan” in 2004 with illustrators from Trabzon, and was the editor of the magazine. He also has a collaborative research book with cartoonist BülentSümer called “Karikatürde Bir Ziya” (A Light in Cartoon) and a documentary of the same name.

 His artwork has been exhibited at national and international cartoon contests, andappeared in cartoon albums. He was awarded with 11 prizes at these contests. He illustrated cartoons for local and national newspapers and magazines. Currently he is the head of the Trabzon Office of Cartoonists’ Association, and the Association of Art of Humour.



He was born in Limassol in 1962. After moving to Güzelyurt (Morfou) from Limassol, he is one of the four formers of Güzelyurt Art Association (GÜSAD) in 1983. Later in 1990, he got married and moved to Kyrenia where he will be the pioneer for the foundation of Kyrenia Municipality Theatre Studio (GIBETSU).

 He worked as director in 2006 – 2007 in the Cyprus Turkish State Theatre. He is still working as general art director in GIBETSU. He has been assisting International Kyrenia Olive Festival at top level and he is one of the members of the panel of jurors for the Olive featured cartoon contest which is organized by Kyrenia Municipality. He is married with one daughter and he speaks Greek at good level and English at intermediate level.



Doaa El – Adl works as a political cartoonist at the newspaper “Al Dostor”, and at the magazines “Rose Al Youssef” and “Sabah El Kheir” based in Egypt.

 Doaa El – Adl is one of the most prominent representatives of contemporary cartoon art in Egypt. She has been drawing illustrations for children’s stories in newspapers and magazines published in Egypt. “Women’s Rights” is a major topic in her cartoons.

 She has participated in a number of national and international cartoon events, and has won many prizes. Some of these include: Local award from the Journalists' Union in Egypt for the Best Cartoonist, Certificate of Honour Membership of the Federation of Cartoonists Organisations (FECO – FRANCE), Premio Satira in 2013 (Award in the Art of Political Satire), and the Cartoonist of the Year Award (Italy), Award to Resist Violence Against Women from (ACT) Organisation (USA), Cartooning for Peace Award (France).



“Eray Özbek is an artist who holds a degree in architecture. His cartoons have been published in numerous newspapers and magazines since 1960s to date, and appeared in more than 400 cartoon albums published in 32 countries.

His artwork focuses on blots and silhouettes and he has worked on metal engraving cartoons.

Eray Özbek had 17 solo cartoon exhibitions, of which 4 were held abroad and had several shows on various graphic styles.

He was granted with grand prize 22 times and special prize 87 times at international cartoon contests.

He published the cartoon album “Silhouettes” in 1999. He is one of the most outstanding leaders of the Turkish Cartoon.



He was born in Nicosia – Cyprus in 1964. He started drawing cartoons in 1976 under the influence of the “Gir – Gir” Humour Magazine of Turkey. His cartoons have been published in various newspapers and magazines in Cyprus as well as in many countries of the world since 1983.

 He is one of the fivefounding members of the “Cypriot Turkish Cartoonists’ Association” which was established in 1986. Since then, he has been the President of this Association. His works have been exhibited in more than 60 countries and they have been published in international cartoon albums.

 He won 142 awards in various national and international cartoon contests and has many times been elected the “Cartoonist of the Year”. He has been the president of the Cyprus Turkish Cartoonists’ Association for 23 years.



Ivan Hanousek worked as print and broadcast journalist between the years 1967 – 2002. In 1990, he founded the Czech Union of Cartoonists, of which he is currently the  President. He was the editor in chief of the weekly humour and cartoon journal “KUK” between the years 1990 – 1991. He has been publishing the humour magazine “GAG” on electronic media since 2003.

 He organised the International “Emil Stadion Cartoon Contest” between the years 1984 – 1993 in the old Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. He organised international cartoon contests centred on the theme of the construction industry between the years 2002 – 2008.

 He has been part of the jury for a number of national and international cartoon contests. He published the Encyclopaedia of the Czech Cartoonists. He has organised symposiums and conferences, and haspublished hundreds of articles on humour, cartoon, and comic strips.

 He won the “Eryk Lepinski Special Prize”, which was named after the world – renowned Polish cartoon artist. Ivan Hanousek holds the title “Doctor of Humour”.



He was born in the old City of Famagusta on 12 March 1950 and had the first seven years of his childhood in this town. Moved to Nicosia in 1957 because of his father’s duty. Completed his elementary and secondary school education in Nicosia. His interest on cartton art arose during those years. His years in İstanbul Technical University (1969 – 1975) he dealt with cartoons and his first work was published in “Akbaba” Humor-Cartoon Magazine in 1975.

His works were exhibited in many national and international exhibitions worldwide and published in the albums prepared for these occasions. Founder member of Cypriot Turkish Cartoonists’ Association and holds the international press card of FECO. He is an architect and a member of the Turkish Cypriot Union of Chambers of Engineers and Architects.

He acted as juror in the national and international cartoon contest organized in Cyprus. Currently, he works as freelance architect. He was awarded numerous prizes in the cartoon contest. He is the Secretary General of the Cypriot Turkish Cartoonists’ Association.



Musa Kayra started drawing cartoons in 1979. His caricatures were published in magazines and newspapers; Yeni Düzen, Söz, Kurtuluş, Kıbrıs Postası, Akrep, Ortam, Halkın Sesi, Olay, Kıbrıs Sanat, Toplum Postası (London), Avrupa, Afrika, Haberdar, Adres Kıbrıs.

He exhibited his cartoons in Bremen (Germany) once, in Cyprus twelve times, Ojisek (Croatia) once and in England five times. His cartoons were among the works which were subsequently published in a book form. In 1973, he made a short cartoon animated film in Turkey. He published the cartoon albums “Cızzzgıcıklar” in 1983 and “Karikayra” in 2005.

In 1986, he founded the Cyprus Turkish Cartoonists’ Association with five other friends and has long been the General Secretary of the Association. Currently the President of the Turkish Cypriot Cartoonists Association. He has won 50 awards in various national and international cartoon contests.



Mustafa Azizoğlu was born in Nicosia in 1954. His cartoons were published in Gençlik, Yeni Düzen, Birleşik Kıbrıs, Turunç, Çağrı, Cyprus Observer and Adres Kıbrıs, Poli newspapers – magazines.

He participated in various national and international cartoon exhibitions and his cartoons were published in cartoon albums. He is a member of Cypriot Turkish Cartoonist’s Association and FECO – CYPRUS.



No – Rio Yamanoi is one of the most famous cartoonists of Japan. He worked as a designer – producer in television advertising. He moved to Paris in 1977. He contributed to a number of films in Paris, including producing pictures for Unesco’s Campaign for Arms Reduction. He returned to Japan in 1987 and began illustrating cartoons for AERA magazine in 1988.

 His cartoons were exhibited and published in Japan and several countries abroad. He won one of the most prestigious prizes in Japan, the “Bunshun Manga Sho Prize” in 1991, and was granted with the “International Press Cartoons Prize” in 2000.

 He is the President of the Federation of Cartoonists Organisations (FECO – JAPAN) and a member of the organisation “Cartooning for Peace” in France. He served in the United Nations and held cultural conferences.



Roger Penwill is one of the most – renowned editorial cartoonists in the United Kingdom. He started working as a cartoonist at a daily newspaper published in the UK, after he had worked as an architect for several years.

 He had solo shows in the UK, Turkey, Poland and Czech Republic. He served as juror at cartoon contests in Turkey, Ukraine, Romania and Greece, and has won many prizes at national and international cartoon contests.

 He was the President – General of the Federation of Cartoonists Organisations (FECO) between the years 2002 – 2006. He is one of founding members of the Professional Cartoonists’ Organization in the UK and a member of the British Cartoonists’ Association and The Cartoonists’ Club of Great Britain. Roger Penwill is the President of the Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival.